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2017. 2. 25. 02:38

2 k 10 Live 7.4 PE-USB2017. 2. 25. 02:38



2 k 10 Live 7.4




G:\2k10 Live 7.1



2k10_7.1.iso (3.68GB)







In some assemblies have version with Native (naitiv)-loading kernel (allows you to use

assemblies for weaker PC).
All assemblies have a different driver packages to connect SCSI/SATA/Raid disks, in case

of failure one can try to load another Assembly. Separately, it may be noted that the

Assembly on 7-Ke can connect the drive controller driver after download.

Requirements for proper functioning:
Komp'juter with 128 MB of RAM or higher, CD/DVD drive or USB interface.

2 k 10 Live 7.4 features and abilities:
Multiboot disk system administrator with vozmozhnost'ju boot CD/DVD, USB flash drives,

USB-HDD and conventional HDD and consisting of several PE assemblies, allowing you to

boot and work comfortably on virtually any computer.
• support of UEFI, including 3 x 32
• cleaning the OS from viruses/Trojans/blockers
• data recovery, operating system downloads
• creating/expanding a system images
• installation of Windows XP/2003/7/8/10/2008/2012 (distributions in the composition of

the Assembly are not included), including using unmatched programs 78setup and

WinSetup2k10 assemblies from authors
• testing of the hardware components of your computer
• unique design-single for all re-assemblies and regular OS software package (over 450

• multimedia support and network with Internet vozmozhnost'ju
• modular structure Assembly, which gives almost unlimited possibilities for editing user

assemblies to fit your requirements-exception WinPE, adding/removing the software package
• settings and user files are in special folders user. * (which allows you to

automatically delete them when you update the Assembly on a flash drive) are variable and

build subsequent changes to them do not affect
• all this takes only 3 GB on your Flash drive!
C9PE Multimedia 2 k 10 Plus Pack/Native Edition
Assembly on 2003 Server kernel MS-Explorer with networking and SCSI/SATA devices, and

optional support for other devices (video/sound/...). Support for new devices can be

added by using the external drivers (folder DriverPacks). Load time with pendrive (USB

2.0 mode or podgruzhennyj PLOP) ~ 40sek., CD-ROM ~ 1 min. Minimum requirements-from 128

MB RAM (naitiv mode) or from 192Mb (RAM mode), a full-time job at 512 MB. In both

versions you can use external drajverpaki drive controllers: minimum SRS-drajverpak (SATA

only) and DPMS-full drajverpak (includes driver even USB3, which can be useful in naitiv

mode). Connection drajverpakov organized scripts when you use them to create the virtual

floppy drive with the appropriate driver (if found in a package), as well as the floppike

script will be created in the process of downloading driver auto-Assembly (file

txtsetup.oem). To use SRS and DPMS can not only when the Assembly is loaded, but C9PE

when you load other assemblies based on XP/2003 ... and even for integration in the

respective driver OS (if following scripts use SRS/DPMS run "Start NTLDR from HDD"

Grub4Dos menu.
Only it turns out 6 C9PE download options: naitiv-no drajverpaketa, SRS, with DPMS. And

similarly for RAM-boot mode.
* Naitiv-mode does not work "targeting" through RunScanner (feature implementation for

XP/2003). Also in this mode does not support Rae (allowing you to use the Assembly to a

very old PCs with processors below P-IV), MultiCore CPU (only one/first kernel).

WinPE 7x86 Live (@Xemom1) Special Edition 2 k 10/Native Edition
Special Edition WinPE 7x86 Live (@Xemom1), with classic interface (MS Explorer + Classic

Shell) and networking and multimedia. Unlocked support Rae (that allows up to 128 GB of

RAM). New legkoobnovljaemyj option Add drajverpakov SCSI/SATA/Raid/USB3. Minimum

requirements-from 512 MB (paging file in this version run almost all programs except

Kaspersky). At the core of embedded MS-DaRT 7.0 (localization) for restoring fallen 7-Ki

also has a native function restoration of W7. You can set 7-Ki in the classic way (from a

CD or from the SOURCES folder on any drive), i.e., W7PE can be used to replace PE-8

installer. You can also install any version of Windows from 2000 to 2008 from any

media/folders using programs WinNtsetup.
* There is a version naitiv-download 7x86. In the work he is completely identical to the

RAM version, only the kernel is used directly from the media. Support USB3 in naitiv mode

is, but only if the Assembly is not "hanging" on this port (i.e., if an Assembly is

loaded with DVD/HDD/USB2). Disabled: PAE support MultiCore CPU (only one/first kernel),

checking the NX bit.

WinPE 7x64 Live (@Xemom1) Special Edition 2 k 10
Special Edition WinPE 7x64 Live (@Xemom1), on the MS-Explorer with classic interface and

support network and SCSI/SATA/Raid/USB3 devices (new legkoobnovljaemyj option Add

drajverpakov SCSI/SATA/Raid/USB 3.0). Network support for network card Realtek voyages-

immediately after starting d-system, for the rest of the Pack after you install the

drivers in the folder of DriverPacks. A multimedia support. Minimum requirements-from 768

MB. Built-in MS-DaRT 7.0 (localization, x 64) to restore the fallen 7h64, also there are

native function restoration of W7. This Assembly supports booting UEFI-mode.

WinPE 8 x 86 Live (@Xemom1) Special Edition 2 k 10/Native Edition
Special Edition 8 x 86 WinPE Live (@Xemom1), with classic interface (MS Explorer +

Classic Shell), networking and multimedia. Unlocked support Rae (that allows up to 128 GB

of RAM). The new OS has naitivnoj USB 3.0 and set of drivers SCSI/SATA/Raid. Minimum

requirements-from approximately 768 MB, relatively new processors. There are Russian MS-

DaRT 8.0.1 x 86 (pronounced outside the kernel loaded if needed) to restore 8-Ki also has

a native system restore W8. There is a possibility to install the 7/8-Ki as a classic way

(from a CD or from the SOURCES folder on any drive), and with the help of program

* There is a version naitiv-loading 8 x 86. In the work he is completely identical to RAM

version, but uses the kernel directly from the media. There is full support for USB3 in

naitiv mode. Disabled: support RAE, checking the NX bit.

WinPE 8x64 Live (@Xemom1) Special Edition 2 k 10
Special Edition WinPE 8x64 Live (@Xemom1), with classic interface (MS Explorer + Classic

Shell), networking and multimedia. The new OS has naitivnoj USB 3.0 and set of drivers

SCSI/SATA/Raid. Minimum requirements-from 1024 MB, relatively new processors

(virtualization). There are Russian MS-DaRT 8.0.1 64 (pronounced outside the kernel

loaded if needed) to restore 8-Ki also has a native system restore W8. There is a

possibility to install the 7/8-Ki as a classic way (from a CD or from the SOURCES folder

on any drive), and using the program WinNtsetup2. This Assembly supports booting UEFI-


(added in v. 6.0) WinPE 10x64 2 k 10 ML Edition
Special Edition WinPE 10x64
Utility (DOS and Linux)

• HDDaRTs -a collection of utilities from Ander_73 for diagnosis and repair information

on HDD. Function: S. M. A. R. T-diagnosis; scan, repair and remap badblocks; Restore MBR,

partitions and data; direct editing of data in the sectors of the HDD. NTFS support LFN

(FAT32), USB (partially).
Includes programs:
* Volkov Commander-file manager that runs in Windows and MS-DOS.
* Victoria program is intended for testing, Diagnostics and servicing IDE and Serial ATA

hard drives.
* MHDD is the most popular freeware program for low-level Diagnostics of hard drives.
* HDAT2 is program for benchmarking and diagnostic disks. The main advantage over MHDD

and Victoria: support almost all drives with the ATA/ATAPI/SATA, SSD, SCSI, and USB.
* VIVARD is a powerful and easy-to-use program for HDD Diagnostics.
* HDD Regenerator is a unique software program that allows you to regenerate damaged

* SpinRite-tool for testing, maintenance and data recovery on the hard disk.
* TestDisk is a program to recover lost partitions or restoring boot records on disks.
* Active @ UNERASER is a powerful utility for DOS and Windows, restoring files in the

systems of FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS.
* Active @ Partition Recovery-restore program hard disk partitions on the computer after

a virus attack and any system failures.
* Mbrwork is used to recover partition table.
* DiskPatch is a professional data recovery utility that recovers data, restoring damaged

disk structure (partition table).
* Hard Disk Sentinel is a tool to monitor and control the status of the hard drives.
* WDIdle-a program to change the settings for parking the heads on hard disks.
* DMDE-program for editing disk and data recovery.
* DRevitalize is a program that allows you to regenerate damaged physically.
* FAR-file manager that runs in Windows and MS-DOS.
• Video Memory Stress Test -test allows you to thoroughly check all available for video

memory for faults. The test result is displayed in the form of dry numbers.
• QuickTech Pro -diagnostic program for those wishing to test and explore the basic

system components, functions and peripherals. Tests any hardware installed in your

machine. Tests included: processor, RAM, hard drive, motherboard, graphics card, monitor,

modem, etc.
• Kon-Boot program to bypass Windows password.
• Active Boot DisK -Active boot disk. Complete-Uneraser (data recovery), Killdisk

(destruction of information on HDD), recover Partition (partition recovery), Password

Changer (password reset), NTFS Reader (read NTFS in DOS) Disk Image (working with image

files in native format).
• BootIt Bare Metal -application for working with sections HDD, partition and disk

imaging, as well as control of the computer. You can create, move, copy and delete

partitions, supports GPT and MBR, EMBR, PATA, SATA, USB, IEEE1394, can change size in

NTFS, FAT, FAT32, EXT2/3/4.
• Hiren's BootCD v. 15.2/@lexapass/ -Russian version of the popular compendium of

utilities for all occasions. Only the DOS version. Compared to the original DOS version

added Acronis (ADS, ATIEES) and Paragon Partition Manager 11. Version is made on the

basis of assemblies from lexapass, adapted for 2 k 10 (removed duplicates, added back to

the Assembly).
∙ Miray HDClone (Rus) -boot floppy HDClone to accurately copy information from one hard

drive to another. Hdclone copies the information sector by sector, the result is an exact

copy of the hard drive. Supports cloning IDE/ATA/SATA, SCSI, and USB drives.
• Ghost Norton -Norton Ghost boot disk helps save and restore the contents of computer

hard drives in just a few simple steps. Backup storage is optimized at the expense of

compression. This version has support for CD/DVD devices, SCSI, USB, 1394 FireWare.
• Paragon HDM 15 (Rus)/DOS, Linux/ -allows you to manage resources: resize hard disk

partitions without data loss, associated with different operating systems on one

computer, copy partitions to a spare hard drive, solving boot problems, converting file

• Partition Guru -tool to manage partitions on your hard disk. Can create, delete, hide,

format, resize partitions and recover lost partition table and create/restore backups.

You have the option to backup and restore MBR partition table.
• Parted Magic/Linux/ -a package of utilities for working with hard disk partitions based

on a bootable LiveCD Linux. Supports a large number of file systems.

In the composition of the distribution of patch_*.exe files, you can use them to get from

the main ISO the following images:
2k10cd.iso (CD-version 2 k 10 the size of 700 MB)
CD version, adapted to the size of 700 MB
Contains only the C9PE and abbreviated set of programs

2k10md.iso (MD-version 2 k 10 the size of 1, 4 GB (mini disc))
MD version, adapted to the size of 1, 4 GB (mini-CD)
Contains WinPE S9MM and Win8x86 and a reduced set of programs
DrCureIt replaced with DrWeb Scanner (works with media, without unpacking bases)


Sections of the software package ' Programs-2 k 10 '
0 Windows installation
1 Antivirus
2 HDD utility
3 Restore download
4 partition recovery
5 system restore
6 restoration of data
CD and DVD utilities
Flash utilities
File archivers
File managers
Network. Internet
Network. Remote access
Network. Utilities
System utilities

Support for UEFI in the Assembly
In the Assembly, since version 4, it is possible to download from under the UEFI. Let me

remind you that the UEFI boot PC interface is, successor to the Bios. Of the features of

UEFI: implemented full support for GUID partition table (GPT) partitions and more 2 TB

HDD, graphic interface with mouse support and much more. "Pure" exclusively x 64 download

supports UEFI on Windows (meet the implementation and for x 86-based operating system,

but the percentage of zagruzhaemosti is low). Fortunately, most manufacturers use the

combo version of UEFI (to a first approximation this UEFI Bios +). The distinguishing

feature of the combo is the ability to download as in EFI mode, and Bios-emulation

(typically, this mode is called legasy mode). Depending on the specific implementation,

modes can be selected for a specific nasitelja as in QuickBoot (EFI/legasy) and

exclusively in the UEFI boot menu, and even menu selection priorities.
EFI-downloading is possible under the following conditions: for Flash/HDD must be

FAT/FAT32 file system (NTFS is not supported!), at the root of the media there is a

folder EFI. DVD version-the special structure of CDFS (the same as in the Assembly,

standard Joliet don't work), or UDF.
If you are using a combo option UEFI FIRMWARE:
a) loaded from the CD standard boot mode (legasy mode) can be generally unavailable

(depends on the implementation of the UEFI).
b) when booting from USB/HDD-media boot menu is typically available both versions run,

i.e., standard and the EFI boot.


Bootmgr EFI for menu (left) and normal (right) weekly.
* When the Assembly is loaded in EFI mode in 7h64 assemblies are available from the boot

menu, 8h86, 8h64, EFI-Windows Installer and guest (they run exclusively for the x 64-bit

RE supporting EFI boot).
* For desktops and laptops used 64-bit UEFI, which can only download x 64-build. I.e.,

8h86-based Assembly will not load (error 0xc0000359)!
Slates usually used 32-bit UEFI, respectively, they designed an Assembly based on 8h86. x

64 version of the RE/OS UEFI? 32 (x 86) does not work (bug 0xc000035a).

The authorship of the Assembly
conty9 & korsak7
2 k 10 multiboot DVD/USB/HDD v. 5.6.0 [En/ru]
Multiboot Live 2 5.13 [En/ru]



Additional screenshots


Additional data 2 k 10 Live 7.4 torrent:
Year: 2017
Windows version: 7.4
File format: ISO
You will have to Download: 3.71 GB
Based on the platform: h64h86
Program interface: Russian, English
That with medicine: not required
Development: Microsoft


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